• Maximizing Return on Investment

  • A Lease and Addendum That Protects Your Investment

  • Rent Collection

  • On-Line Accounting

  • Payment of Homeowner Expenses

  • Advertising

  • Property Showings

  • Tenant Screening

  • Detailed Check-In and Check-Out Inspections

  • Integrated Maintenance Response System

  • A Strong Vendor Network

  • Free Annual Property Inspections

  • Applied Technology Systems

  • Centralized Office Location

  • Real Estate Consulting

Horita Realty LLC has a track record of providing outstanding real estate services for over 60 years. Our team consists of professional, licensed realtors experienced in property management. We provide property management for over 500 rental homes. Each property manager is assigned a portfolio of rental properties which includes single family house rentals as well as condos, townhouses and apartments for rent. This portfolio management style enables each property manager to become intimately involved in all aspects of that property thus insuring continuity, improved communication and quicker response times to owner inquiries and tenant issues. All of our rental homes are on the island of Oahu; most of our home rentals are partially furnished; a few are fully furnished. Our Rental Agreement seeks a minimum of a one year lease obligation from the tenant. However, with owner approval, we will offer a multiple year lease.

Most investment property owners eventually turn to a professional property manager. There are a variety of reasons owners decide they no longer enjoy the challenges of being a landlord. Among these reasons are difficulty identifying and avoiding prospective tenants who have a history of not paying their bills, dealing with tenant complaints as well as excuses for late rental payments, calls in the middle of the night about a broken hot water heater, a backed-up toilet over a holiday weekend, or water leaks and the necessary ensuing insurance follow up. For a property owner with their own career, these issues present a huge inconvenience. However, for Woodstock Properties, Inc. this IS our business. We have a stable of vetted repair vendors including licensed plumbers, contractors, water extractors and mold remeditators. Our licensed employees are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in handling the full gamut of issues which can arise. They maintain current knowledge of all the Federal and State laws & regulations affecting property management via mandated continuing education classes, professional affiliations & publications. We love property management and have great success creating a win-win situation!

Maximizing Return on Investment

Horita Realty LLC, surveys comparable rental values and recommends an appropriate rental rate which will help your property rent more quickly and attract high quality tenants. A personalized "Marketing Plan" is submitted for owner approval prior to commencing with advertising. The licensed property manager assigned to manage your property conducts another thorough market analysis for each of our properties prior to lease renewals. In collaboration with owner approval, we adjust rental prices to stay competitive within the current market. We seek to balance your desire to maintain a valuable tenant while maximizing profitability and your return on investment.

A Lease and Addendum That Protects Your Investment

Take a few moments and read the Rental Agreement and Addendum A located on our website under Tenant Services > Tenant Forms. These are the documents all of our tenants are required to sign. You can see for yourself, after reading, that Woodstock Properties, Inc. is strict but fair. Over the course of many years of problem solving as property managers, we have experience with all possible scenarios. Our Rental Agreement is by far the best in the islands.

Rent Collection

The majority of our tenants pay their rent by automatic electronic payment. As a result; we are very proud to report that more than 98% of our tenants pay their rent in full and on time.

On-Line Accounting

Your monthly proceeds are deposited directly into your checking account. You can review your account 24/7 by logging onto a secure internet site using your own password. Your monthly statements are posted and saved on this secure site. For your convenience and ease for tax preparation, annual financial information is archived on this secure site as well. Therefore, as a property owner, you can view and/or print out your statements from the convenience of your home or office - anywhere there is an internet connection.

Payment of Homeowner Expenses

We recommend our owners set up with their bank, automatic payments for their mortgage and Homeowner Association dues. The state of Hawaii charges a 4.5% General Excise Tax (GET) on all gross rents. Horita Realty LLC will deduct the GET tax amount from your account and pay it in the month those taxes are due. There is also an Annual Reconciliation that must be filed with the state as well. Horita Realty LLC offers this filing service for a nominal fee of $5.00 per month, should you wish to avail yourself of this service. Rental property repairs due to normal wear and tear are deducted from owner's monthly proceeds. However, damages &/or Association violations due to tenant negligence or misuse are collected from the tenant.


Our marketing strategies employ a wide range of advertising platforms. Since we require a 28-day written notice before a tenant vacates, we start advertising via the internet as soon as we receive that notice. We advertise on our proprietary website, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), military housing websites and Craig's List as well as other online sites. We strive to locate and secure the next qualified tenant with the goal of zero vacancy days. Many times we have signed the next qualified tenant before the previous one has vacated. Should the search for that exemplary new tenant require it, we place on-site "For Rent" signs and condo lobby bulletin board notices. Our ads export to over 80 different websites!

Property Showings

Our licensed agents meet tenants at the property and take the time to point out all the unique features of each of our rental properties. We have a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance which we expect from our exiting tenants so our properties show very well and often rent before the previous tenant has vacated. It is the combination of a "move-in" ready property, properly priced and marketed along with our professional staff and individual attention that contributes to our success in securing lease signings with quality tenants.

Tenant Screening

Horita Realty LLC believes proper tenant screening makes the difference in how your investment property performs. We don't simply accept any tenant who shows up with cash as this may be putting your rental property at risk. We follow guideline criteria and a screening procedure which we consider to be strict without being overly restrictive. We take the time to thoroughly check credit reports as well as employment and salary verifications. References are checked including prior landlord references before placing a tenant into your investment property.

Detailed Check-In and Check-Out Inspections

Horita Realty LLC conducts a lengthy, thorough inside/outside property inspection every time a new tenant moves in and again when that tenant moves out. We perform each inspection with an eye for detail, which is reflected in our computer-generated report. All our owners receive a copy of this computerized inspection report on their property. In addition to the printed report, we document the property condition with photographs. This type of comprehensive documentation leaves no doubt about the condition of the property on the first day of occupancy thus minimizing disputes as to the property condition at Check-Out.

Integrated Maintenance Response System

Proprietary software specific to property management enables Horita Realty LLC to track warranties on appliances as well as repair histories. Maintenance requests may be submitted on-line through our website. While performing maintenance at any of our properties, our vendors provide an additional set of eyes as they routinely report any other problems immediately to us. "Preventative Maintenance Guides" are placed in every unit and on our website to assist tenants in maintaining appliances and other household items in good working order and to prevent unnecessary repair bills. "FAQ: Maintenance", located on our website, is a troubleshooting reference for our tenants. In the event of a maintenance emergency, such as a water leak, each tenant has the personal cell phone number of the property manager assigned to that property. Since tenants are able to directly contact their property manager, emergencies are handled expeditiously and communication and continuity regarding repairs is enhanced. Our many years of experience in conjunction with our emergency response protocols enable us to quickly deploy resources and solutions to protect your investment property.

A Strong Vendor Network

Over the many years of providing property management services, we have developed relationships with a variety of repair vendors and licensed repair professionals. These vendors are skilled and vetted before becoming our "approved" vendor. They respond quickly and are known for their dependable, quality service at reasonable rates.

Free Annual Property Inspections

Once a year and at no additional cost, we conduct an assessment of your property. During this assessment we document the current condition and make recommendations for repairs and/or improvements which will maintain or improve the quality and value of your real estate investment property.

Applied Technology Systems

Our on-line owner portals make it extremely easy to access statements, invoices and property history. This is particularly convenient for our out-of-state and out-of-country owners. Our webmaster enables us to export all our available rental ads to over 80 different websites. With our on-line rental application and payment system, prospective tenants can apply for a rental property at any time of the day or night. 98% of our tenants pay in full and on time. Since we continuously strive to streamline and improve our standard business practices we are always looking to employ new technologies if they can bring additional efficiencies and benefits.

Centralized Office Location

Our office is centrally located on the mountain side of Pearl Harbor. Our office location is positioned such that we are within 3 miles of the H1, H2 and H3 freeways. Therefore, we can easily and quickly get to all of our properties.

Real Estate Consulting

Horita Realty LLC offers the full spectrum of real estate services. We are property managers but we also are a real estate brokerage. We have on staff, certain personnel who can assist potential owners in finding additional properties to add to their investment portfolio. Since we are actively helping buyers and sellers, we are knowledgeable about the current market conditions and can advise you if you are considering divesting some of your property holdings. Due to our many years of experience across the span of real estate services, we are able to make suggestions for low cost improvements which will increase the value of your property keeping it either "rent ready" or ready to put on the market for sale.