Congratulations! You have decided to start looking to buy a home. As you start the process, we’d like to share with you some important facts.


No doubt you have already wrestled with this question. Perhaps you have even thought that owning your own home might not be worth the effort. After all, you will have to select a realtor you trust, there’s the time involved in looking at properties until you find “the right one”, negotiating the purchase price, inspections, then financing and loan approval. We realize that sometimes the negatives can seem overwhelming!

Please, don’t get discouraged. The key to overcoming the feeling that this whole process seems overwhelming is to establish a relationship with an experienced realtor who will listen to your needs and guide you step by step. As the saying goes, the journey starts with the first step and Linda C. “Dusty” Woodstock believes that the journey to buying your next home can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience. As a realtor for over 30 years, she continues to enjoy immense satisfaction in taking this journey with you and acting as your guide and advocate.

No question, home ownership is a big investment, maybe the largest you’ll ever make.But over time, it’s an investment that pays for itself many times over and in so many ways. Here’s how:

Tax and Financial Advantages

  •   Mortgage interest is tax deductible.
  •   Real estate taxes are tax deductible.
  •   Local tax benefits are available in many areas.
  •   Your monthly payment, while it may change over time due to escrows, typically remains less than renting considering average rent increases.
  •   You can enjoy tax-free profits up to $500,000 from the sale of a primary residence that you have occupied for two of the last five years, if you are married and filing jointly or $250,000 if you are single.
  •   Rent is an expense which will never be recovered. Monthly payments on your own home will stop once your loan is paid off.
  •   Interest on home equity loans is also deductible.

Investment Benefits

  •   You build equity over time, which you take in cash when you sell your home.
  •   The profits from home investments are often greater than many other investments.
  •   Because you can borrow against your equity, home equity can be a source of emergency funding.
  •   Land appreciation adds to the value of your home.
  •   For many, home ownership is an important part of retirement planning.

Personal Satisfaction

  •   You enjoy the satisfaction and pride of home ownership.
  •   You can decorate however you want because IT'S YOURS!
  •   Home ownership helps you put down roots and achieve stability.
  •   Home ownership is, for many people, a sign of independence and achievement.
  •   No one tells you that you must move, so you have more control over your future.


Congratulations, you have already started! You’ve pushed past any reservations you might have had and you are now ready to find that experienced realtor in whom you can trust.  It’s time to call Linda C. "Dusty" Woodstock. You can best reach her on her cell phone 808-371-7711. During that first meeting with Dusty, she will actively listen and help you to clarify your real estate requirements. She knows the Oahu real estate market and will be able to match your wish list with a number of eligible properties for you to view. Dusty has the complete listing of state-wide properties for sale at her fingertips. Let Dusty do the “leg work” of setting up appointments to view those properties which meet your needs. You are encouraged to be open and honest with her about what you like and dislike about the homes she shows you. If you don’t like a home that Dusty shows you, she will not be offended if you say so. In fact, your candid feedback will enable Dusty to zero in on just “the right property” for you. Dusty has many loan officers who can help you determine your qualifications for a mortgage and what price range will most comfortably fit with your financial situation. Dusty also has many home inspectors she can call upon so you have the ease and convenience of "one stop shopping" when you select Woodstock Properties, Inc. And, if you happen to see a “for sale” sign on a home you like, call Dusty. Sometimes homes are not immediately placed on the official listing of homes for sale. Dusty may be able to call the listing company to get you into the house more quickly than if you wait for it to be posted on the official listing guide.
During her 30 year career, Dusty has helped scores of people find their dream home including investment properties. It’s a journey she loves to take with prospective home buyers. Let Dusty guide you through the steps to the purchase of your home here on Oahu.

For a complete biography of Linda C. “Dusty” Woodstock and the many prestigious real estate credentials she has earned, click here.