Note: Please review paragraph "Deleting a Tenant" in Addendum A of Rental Agreement.

, hereby request to be removed from the Rental Agreement at the property address stated above. Since other signatories to the Rental Agreement are remaining at the subject property, I (we) understand no portion of the security deposit will be returned to me (us) from Woodstock Properties, Inc. I (we) shall turnover my (our) keys to the remaining tenants. I (we) acknowledge there is a $50 processing fee per roommate to effect this change. 

I (we) acknowledge that I (we) remain obligated under the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement until the termination of the Rental Agreement or until Landlord agrees in writing via an Amendment to the Rental Agreement to release me (us) from the obligations of the Rental Agreement. 


(Remaining tenant/s),

(existing tenant/s) from the current lease at the property listed above. 

An Amendment to the Rental Agreement will be drawn up and emailed/mailed out by Woodstock Properties, Inc. All named parties on the Rental Agreement, as amended, must sign and return the above referenced Amendment. Once this Amendment is countersigned by Woodstock Properties, Inc. it becomes an integral part of the original Rental Agreement.