Jorge & Angela Rosario

June 2011
Angela and I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brett Schenk for over 7 years. He rented us a beautiful house in Waipahu and we were so impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, helpfulness, honesty, and Aloha spirit that we asked him to be our property manager when we bought our own house. In the rental property, Brett ensured that our concerns were addressed immediately and we had no trouble contacting him. He made himself available to us at all times. As our property manager he has ensured that our renters’ concerns are addressed and any repairs fixed quickly. He has our full confidence and we would recommend his services to any of our family, friends, or colleagues.

David and Mitzi Wire - Pearl City, HI

June 2011
Brett has been managing our one-bedroom rental for 5 years and we highly recommend him. He has always selected great tenants. We have had one year leases the entire time and no lapses in between except what little time we needed for doing our own repairs. He is very knowledgeable about real estate law. He also knows about household repairs, so has given us a lot of good advice and referrals to handy-men, electricians and plumbers.

Reyn & Jen Choy

June 2011
Brett Schenk has handled two condominium units for us and will be assigned a third shortly. He is an organized and efficient property manager who is very knowledgeable and resourceful, always willing to share his wealth of information and experience. Brett is respectful to all involved parties and does his best to mediate whenever a problem needs to be resolved. He makes sure that everyone is informed in a timely fashion and plays an active role in keeping both the property owner and the tenant at ease. Brett is very meticulous, with a keen eye for detail, always thinking about the best interest of his clients. We have truly appreciated Brett’s service and guidance throughout the years.

Andy Brown

June 2011
I have had Brett as my property manager since 2008 and no problems! Brett is a consummate professional with myself and any tenant or potential tenant. The management TEAM is also great to work with, the accountant, the staff at Woodstock and the online accounting is great features to have for any home owner. Knowing at anytime I can get paperwork online and at the end of the year all the paperwork is done accurately and quickly, is always helpful. I’ve never had any accounting problems! The longest my place was vacant for was 1 month over the 3 past years. Whenever I have a problem with a repair, Brett always calls me and first thing I hear is “there is repair needed, but here is several different solution ideas”.

Robert and Tatiana Welch

June 2011
Brett helped us to find our first home and when we later needed a property manager he was the first person we turned to. Brett’s professionalism and attention to detail make him an ideal property manager. Just as importantly, Brett truly cares about his clients and we are confident that he always has our best interests at heart.

Gary J. Hughes

June 2011
I have been renting houses for over thirty years. For most that time, I have been using on-site management firms to handle the details of those rentals. In all of those years, I have not found anyone as conscious, as caring and as dedicated to managing my property as Brett has been. By far, he is the best I have worked with. I strongly recommend Brett to anyone who has a house in Hawaii that they want to rent. He is a true professional. He has my strongest recommendation.

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