• If you are Breaking your Rental Agreement without "Military Orders", call the Office Manager after reading our policy: Breaking Rental Agreement Policy.
  • If you are Deleting a tenant from the Rental Agreement,  use the form: Roommate Release Form.
  • Use THIS form if ALL occupants will be vacating the premises or if you have "Military Orders".

do hereby give notice to vacate the Property stated above. I (we) do acknowledge that I (we) are responsible fulfilling all rental obligations including, but not limited to, continuing to pay rent, maintaining the yard/garden and keeping utilities on, pursuant to the terms of my Rental Agreement with Woodstock Properties, Inc. These rental obligations also apply to tenants with "Military Orders" to leave the island for 90 days or more. Contact the office if you need clarification about the specific terms of YOUR Rental Agreement.

Important things for you to understand:

  • I (we) understand, to maximize the Security Deposit refund, I (we) are advised to closely adhere to Woodstock Properties, Inc.'s 3 guidelines; (1) Vacating & Check-Out Instructions, (2) Preparing For Your Check-Out, (3) Thoroughly Cleaning For Your Check-Out Including the "Thoroughly Cleaning Checklist" as explained in the "Vacating Your Rental Unit" which can be found on the website under: Rental Services > Tenant Services
  • I (we) understand unless instructed otherwise in writing and signed by all parties to the Rental Agreement, Security Deposit returns shall be in the form of one check made payable to all named parties to the Rental Agreement and such check and any deduction itemizations shall be mailed to ONE tenant only.
  • I (we) understand I (we) will not receive an portion of the Securty Deposit until fourteen (14) calendar days following the expiration of my (our) Rental Agreement and all tenants have vacated, all keys are returned and a successful Check-Out inspection has been completed.
  • I (we) understand if keys are not surrendered at Check-Out the property will be rekeyed & I (we) will be charged for the service to rekey plus a 25% service fee.
  • I (we) understand any changes to the agreed Check-Out date must be submitted in writing.
  • I (we) understand, once this Notice is submitted, Woodstock Properties, Inc. will begin advertising for a new tenant. I (we) understand Woodstock Properties, Inc. will be showing the property to future tenants twice per week and will provide reasonable advance notice.
  • I (we) understand Final Rental Payments are charged in half-month increments. If the "Lease Term" expires between the 1st and the 14th of the month, I(we) shall pay 1/2 the month's rent. If the "lease Term" expires between the 15th and the end of the month, I(we) shall pay the full month's rent.
  • I (we) understand that if I (we) use Electronic Payment Service (EPS) to pay rent it is my (our) responsibility to complete the EPS form to cease any future rent payments. Electronic Payment Service Authorization Tenant Form.

I (we) instruct Woodstock Properties, Inc. to mail any rent overpayment along with the security deposit or any portion thereof to the forwarding address below: